The Writing Centre seeks to ensure a high quality of English-language writing within and beyond the English Language Institute and the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.

According to the wikipedia article, a Writing Centre provides “students with free assistance on their papers, projects, reports, multimodal documents, web pages, et cetera from consultants [i.e. tutors]. A key goal of any writing center is helping writers to learn. Typical services include help with the purpose, structure, function of writing, and are geared toward writers of all levels and fields of study. Writing centers attempt to provide non-proscriptive and non-corrective response, instead relying on a fuller explanation of why a piece of writing may fail to fulfill the writer’s aims.”

The primary way in which the Centre accomplishes this goal is through individual consultation sessions. A “consultation session” is a one-to-one meeting between a tutor and a writer that focuses on one of the writer’s current projects. By “tutor” is meant one of the participating faculty members or doctoral students in English philology, and by “writer” is meant any student or faculty member working on an English-language project – an academic essay for a course, (part of) a BA or MA degree thesis, a journal article, or in some cases a creative writing project like a poem or short story.

It is vital to note that “the tutor usually does not proofread nor edit the student’s work. Instead, the tutor facilitates the student’s attempts to revise his or her own work by conversing with the student about the topic at hand, discussing principles and processes of writing, modeling rhetorical and syntactical moves for the student to apply, and assisting the student in identifying patterns of grammatical error in his or her writing.”

The Writing Centre also facilitates cooperation between instructors of composition, academic writing, and creative writing courses and seeks to provide them with resources, materials, and other support.