Visit a tutor


You can make an appointment with any tutor by email.

Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a piece of writing. The session will last an hour at most, so it is best to choose something that is 12 pages or less. It can be a section of your thesis, an individual paper, or in some cases an independent project. If you want to work through your entire thesis with a writing tutor, consider asking him or her to meet with you multiple times.
  2. Choose a tutor using the tutor availability schedule. This schedule is also posted on the office doors of writing tutors.
  3. Schedule an appointment by email. Doing so will give the tutor time to read your work carefully before you meet. If you want to see a tutor very soon and do not have time to make an appointment, simply…
  4. Visit the tutor with a copy of the work. Remember that you will set the agenda for the session. The best way to do this is to engage in thoughtful self-critique. Decide what part of the paper is the weakest or what part of the writing process is right now the most difficult for you. Think of the tutor as an independent third-party expert in this situation, not another professor who will tell you exactly what to do. Think about asking questions like “What do you understand as my argument, and how is strong or weak?” or “Is the theoretical section clear?” or “How can I decide which synonym to use?” or “Are there any recurring errors that you see in the text?”